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This year has been incredible.  The Red Wings assembled a dream team that came through and won the cup.  I was at game 3 of the finals with my pal - Ron and ended up flying to Detroit to catch game 5 at the Fox theater with a bud from work.  After the game the town went wild - I have never experienced anything like it.  We wondered the streets of downtown Detroit until about 3 or 4 a.m.  What a night.  There was an interesting musical experience that was had as well.  We hit a bar in Greektown and it just so happened that John Sinclair was playing.  I am not normaly a fan of left leaning hippy types but he has been part of Detroit history - Heck an ex-beatle wrote a song about him.

I have been fortunate enough (some say crazy as well) to attend many Wings games over the past few years.  This is of particular interest because I live in Georgia!  There are many fond memories that I have of the wings.  Of these there are two that jump to the fore front./  The first is the very first time I saw the Wings in person.  It was in the 1997 playoffs against St. Louis in the Keil Center.  I was four rows back from the glass on the St. Louis goal line.  The Russian Five were HOT!!!  Konstantinov delivered several devastating hit just in front of me.  The other game that has many memories was my 29th birthday.  I made a pilgramage along with a friend to Detroit.  We spent our time in Greektown and walking around Joe Louis and Cobo soaking up atmosphere.  The wings were playing the Rangers - so we saw Gretsky in his last year.  It was truly a religious experience.  We had to hightail it back to Atlanta the next day cause I was hosting a super bowl party that afternoon.  Again some folks think am crazy.

Here are photos from other games.


Game 3 of 2002 Cup Finals!!


Me (on the right) and my buddy Ron (Go Habs) with Stanley

This is the ticket I used for my first game at Joe Louis.  Great Seats!

Yzerman going in on Richter.

Me and Stevie with the Conn Smythe


Feds in warm uo.

Face off.

Me and Cheli just before the trade


The Wizard of OZ


Ozzyy - Save!!!

Me at the Joe lookin kinda shaggy.


Not a wing (Gretsky) but he liked Gordie!!

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