These are medals that have been handed down from generation to generation. There origins have been lost. If any one can help identify these please let know!!

I know these are reunion medals but I am trying to get any other info about which units.

From left to right the medals read:

Woman's Relief Corps 1883

L. G. Rutherford Department Commander (front)

10th Annual Encampment, Souvenir, Lansing, Michigan 1888 (back)

Filii Veteranorum (ribbon bar)

Gratia Dei Servatus MDCCCLXXX (front)

Filii Veteranorum (back)

Grand Army of the Republic

1861 - Veteran - 1866

The bottom medal is all metal. The pin reads "No. 35"


In Hoc Signo Vinces


The initials K T are also on the front.

The back reads:

28th Triennial Conclave, Louisville 1901.