On January I9, 1756, Elijah Teague and his wife Alice Purchased 444 acres of land In
Rowan County, N,C.

In June of I759, and March of I760, he registered claims of expenses in the war against
the Cherokee Indians.

On July I7, I7650 he registered his mark for brand cattle.

Just prior to the Revolutionary War, he and his brother Joshua became involved In
actions against the British Authorities In North Carolina and found it expedient to
remove themselves from the jurisdiction Governor Tryon.

Accordingly on July 9. I766 he sold I77 acres of his tract of land to James Evans, and on
January I5. I7679 he sold the balance to William Thacker.

The next mention of Elijah Teague was found in the Annals of Newberry, S.C. printed
in I898, wherein, In looking back over the early history of that area, it gives an account
of the sad end of Elijah Teague at the hand of the British Toriess as witnessed by one of
his sons, Samuel Teague, and I quote that mention herewith:

"Samuel Teague was not originally a Quaker, He was reared near Black Jack, in
Newberry District. Being a lad during the Revolution, he had escaped conscription by
the Whigs, but was exposed to the cruelties of the Tories. One day they were
approaching the house when a puncheon was lifted and he was hidden under the floor.
The Tories came in and by their terrible demonstrations so frightened his sick father that
he rose from his bed and ran across the adjoining lot. The Tories shot him down,
hacked him over with their swords and so stripped the house of everything in the
clothing line that Samuel had to take the shirt from his back to bury his father In. Truly,
these were times that tried men's souls. Samuel Teague to avenge the murder of his
father, to serve his country, or both, afterwards enlisted In the service of the patriots, but
to what extent I have never learned; but presumably until the end of the War".