Jen and I dropped Paul off at Nana’s and Hershey at day care and hopped the flight to Detroit at noon yesterday. We got to Detroit and checked into the Renaissance Center (GM HQ, killer Marriott, and the official hotel of the Cup finals in Detroit).

We walked down to Woodward and Jefferson to get our picture made with The Spirit of Detroit. They changed the Jersey – The one last week was really tight and they had a hard time putting it on him.

We crossed over to Hart Plaza and walked down along the river to the party they were having. Live bands, BBQ and lots of Wings fans. We hung out there – then walked across to Joe Louis Arena to where the players drive in.

We stood and watched the wings arrive one by one. Lots of Land Rovers and other high end SUVs. Most of the players waved – Hudler honked and shouted to every one (he is a character). Ozzie had a Jeep Commander. Helm and one of the other guys who were brought up for the finals were together in a Jetta (kinda funny).

We sat not to far from where they were shooting NHL on the Fly (with former Wing Larry Murphy). I also got to say hello to Ted Lindsay again!

Killer game – Wings win 5-0~~~!! Jen was happy 🙂

Tim Horton’s for breakfast – and back to the ATL.