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I have been into computers for many years (18+). The things I like to do most on computers and have ever since my very first one, is play games and make music!!!!!

I have a Masters degree from the Department of Technology and Education at Mississippi State University. Despite what most people think, Mississippi is moving very rapidly in the areas of technology and telecommunications. The program that I was a part of stressed the use of technology (multimedia, networking and interactive media to name a few) in the delivery and implementation of instruction. There are many people that are responsible for this program. The following are links to some of their home pages.

Currently I work for an internet security company in GA.

I am a CISSP, MCSE+I, MCT, CCSA, CCSE, CCNA, CNA, CLS and A+ technician

Here are a few other credits -



 Senior Security Instructor/Technical Resource Co-ordinator, Internet Security Systems, Atlanta, GA, August 1999-Present

 Director of Information Systems/ Technical Training Manager/ Microsoft Certified Trainer, New Horizons, Atlanta, GA, August 1996-1999

Systems Administrator/Microsoft Certified Trainer, Productivity Point International, Atlanta, GA, November 1995-1996

Field Service Engineer, Advanced Technology Services, Spartanburg, SC, March 1995-November 1995

Instructor, Department of Technology, Mississippi State University, Summer 1994

Graduate Assistant, Department of Technology, Mississippi State University, Fall 1992-1994

·         Zengler-Miller Quality Enhancement Through Skills Training, Summer 1995

·         AT&T Certified Fiber Optics Technician, Fall 1994

·         Attended LAN workshop, Continuing Education, Mississippi State University, 1994

·         Conducted workshop on “Multimedia Authoring and Development,” National Institute of Technology Training, Mississippi State University, Summer 1994

·         Presented Topic “Fiber Optic Based Interactive Distance Learning Networks,” National Business Education Association, Kansas City, MO, Spring 1994

·         Conducted workshop on “The Internet” to faculty and staff of the Research and Curriculum Unit, Mississippi State University, Spring 1994

·         Guest Speaker - Teacher’s Time, distance learning teleconference, Topics: “ The Internet” and “Interactive Multimedia,” Fall 1993

·         Presentation on Multimedia, Hinds Community College, August 1993

·         Produced Multimedia Guide to Computer Trouble-Shooting, Fall 1993

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